The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow


Короткий перессказ книги The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow. Издание на английском языке. Doctor Watson, Mr Sherlock Holmes. The Sign of the Four, the second Holmes novel, presents the detective with one of his greatest challenges. With these two classic novels, A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four, you have the brilliant foundation of the Sherlock Holmes canon. Watson, the great detective s faithful chronicler. With an Introduction by David Stuart Davies. The theft of the Agra treasure in India forms a catalyst for treachery, deceit and murder. Сохранность хорошая. The most famous introduction in the history of crime fiction takes place in Arthur Conan Doyle s A Study in Scarlet, bringing together Sherlock Holmes, the master of science detection, and John H. Reading pleasure rarely comes any finer. This novel not only establishes the magic of the Holmes myth but also provides the reader with a dramatic adventure yarn which ranges from the foggy, gas-lit streets of London to the burning plains of Utah.

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